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Colorful coders was created to help bring forth opportunities for kids of all colors to learn basic coding, computer and other technical skills they might not otherwise be introduced to while still having a good time. Considering our world is becoming more digital and filled with smart devices learning to code will help kids better understand –and control– their world.


Happy Coding!


Why Colorful Coders

Not only can tech set your children up to be successful in the future but it’s also fun. There is more to tech than just coding and learning doesn’t have to be hard. Technology is a tool, a powerful tool that can unlock different levels of creativity in many different ways but unfortunately not everyone has access to those resources. Colorful Coders aims to help younger people of all colors unlock these skills early so they can make smarter and more educated decisions about what they choose to pursue in the future.

Diversity in the workplace begins in the classroom.

Skills they will Unlock

Each Colorful Coder will learn more than just specific technical skills but they will also learn important life skills that will motivate them to be successful in what ever they choose to pursue.

Problem Solving
Learn the foundation skills of the Creative Problem Solving process through games, songs and other fun techniques.
Learning to code is very much like learning a new language – it gives kids a fluency not just in technology, but also in the language of creativity.
Many of our camps and classes encourage working in teams to solve problems. By interacting with other kids, students develop social skills that can help them excel in any job environment.
Putting aside the practical applications of coding, consider the fact that creating a game, a simple app, or an animation of their own, can be tremendously fun for kids.
Programming creatively lays the foundation for innovation, ingenuity, and leadership because it represents the ability to connect existing ideas with new approaches.
Self Confidence
Our technology and coding classes help young engineers build their self- confidence and improve their attention to detail and overall levels of focus.

What to look forward to

Making it’s official debut in 2019. Colorful Coders is looking forward to hosting a few workshops in different parts of the US this year. Sign up for our newsletter and follow our social media to be the first to know when we’re in a city near you.

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